Risk Factors for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare professionals often spend long hours standing, taking care of patients and sitting at a computer to document cases. Many experience tired, achy legs, or swelling at the end of a shift. Not only are these symptoms uncomfortable, but are also a sign of significant risk for developing Chronic Venous Disease (CVD). In the era of COVID-19, this risk is even greater, since medical professionals are spending longer and longer hours on their feet. In fact, it is reported that nearly 70% of healthcare workers are affected by one or more symptoms of CVD.

Nearly 70% of healthcare workers report one or more symptoms of CVD

Tips for Staying Healthy

Fortunately, there are some simple steps healthcare workers can take to increase comfort and minimize the risk of CVD. Wearing medical compression stockings, combined with intermittent movement, can reduce or totally prevent swelling and leg discomfort associated with working in the healthcare field.

Product Recommendations

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Preventing CDV in Nurses, Doctors & Health care workers