Travel & Leg Health

Symptoms such as tired, achy and swollen legs are common complaints amongst travelers. But many do not realize that extended flights and automobile or train rides also increase a traveler’s risk of blood clots, and a serious and potentially life-threatening condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).


Compression for Travel

Wearing medical compression stockings during long distance travel is highly recommended. This, combined with intermittent movement, can prevent the swelling associated with travel and help travelers arrive at their destination both safe and comfortable.


Compression garments are proven to have a positive impact on blood circulation, preventing and reducing leg swelling. Furthermore, evidence suggests that you are much less likely to develop DVT or other serious venous conditions when wearing compression when traveling long distances with limited movement. Therefore, travelers can keep their legs healthy by wearing medical compression stockings during sedentary travel and taking breaks every few hours to contract their muscles or get up and walk.

Product Recommendations

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