Risk Factors for Hair Stylists

On a busy day, hair stylists often spend uninterrupted hours on their feet. Research shows that prolonged standing at work can increase a person’s risk for developing Chronic Venous Disease (CVD). Symptoms of CVD such as pain, swelling and leg fatigue are frequently found amongst hair stylists.

Wearing compression stockings reduces the common symptom of leg pain in hairdressers

Tips for Staying Healthy

Research also suggests that the type of shoe hair stylists wear at work can impact their leg health. The use of high-heeled shoes reduces blood flow and increases pressure on the veins, and the higher the heel, the worse it is. Therefore, it’s important that hair stylists wear a comfortable shoe along with compression garments to minimize the risk of CVD while working.

Product Recommendations

If you’re looking for compression support during and after long days on your feet, we recommend Support for Women – Classic.

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Prevent varicose veins & chronic venous disease in hair stylist