Risk Factors for Drivers

When it comes to Chronic Venous Disease (CVD) and blood clots, all long distance driving is equal. Bus, truck and even Uber or Lyft drivers are at an increased risk for developing these conditions as a result of their profession.

When someone is seated for an extended period time, blood tends to pool in the veins of the leg. This blood pooling greatly increases the risk of blood clots.

Tips for Staying Healthy

Research shows that prolonged sitting at work is a major risk factor for blood clots, suggesting that the risk increases every hour while seated without getting up. Symptoms of CVD such as pain, swelling, leg fatigue, spider and varicose veins are also known to develop due to a sitting profession, such as during long distance travel. Fortunately, wearing medical compression stockings, combined with intermittent movement, can reduce or prevent the risk for these conditions.

Product Recommendations

If you’re a driver looking for compression garments during long shifts at work, we recommend Support for Men – Cool Comfort.

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Compression socks to prevent DVT while driving