The Benefits of Silver

History of Silvers Benefits

The use of the element silver in our day to day lives dates back centuries. What usually comes to mind is silver in jewelry, coins, manufacturing and even utensils, like kitchen silverware. But did you know that silver actually has a huge niche in the health and wellness industry and offers an assortment of healing purposes?

Silver’s ancient history first took off in Turkey and Greece over 5,000 years ago. Silver would be mined and crafted by silversmiths into merchandise, like jewelry, coins and cups, to be sold at markets and traded with nearby countries. Eventually silver made its way around the world. At the same time silver was being used for production and manufacturing of household items, it was also being discovered as a health agent.

The natural healing powers of silver largely lie in its antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and its preventative medicinal use goes back to ancient times. The Greeks used silver vessels to keep water fresh, the Romans used silver urns to prevent wine from spoiling, pioneers coming to America kept silver coins in their drinking casks to prevent bacterial growth, the Chinese ate with silver chopsticks, silver was used to combat infections in war wounds – the list goes on.

But silver largely disappeared from the medicinal market in the 1900s, because it could not keep up with other modern medicines being discovered. However, silver’s benefits have not been long forgotten and today its properties remain a powerhouse in the use of natural healing.

Silver is known to kill even the toughest of germs and has been tested against over 650 bacteria, viruses and fungi. Silver has shown fighting ability against common infections like the flu, strep throat, pneumonia, staph, herpes and UTIs. It also promotes healing of skin wounds, cuts, burns, bug bites, warts, sores and boils, and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Silver can help with digestive issues, food poisoning, cholera and diarrhea. There are even accounts of silver aiding in killing cancer cells.

Perhaps the most incredible aspect of silver are its little to no known side effects. Another aspect that makes silver so special is that even when used regularly over time, it doesn’t result in an increased resistance in the body. Usually, when an individual uses antibiotics too often they can develop resistance or immunity to the drug. Not the case with silver – making it a great choice for long term use.

All that’s to say – silver is a highly valuable health component that can provide numerous benefits to individuals of all walks of life.

So what exactly is the science behind silver?

Silver has an electrical and thermal conductivity, meaning it’s able to create an electrical field that distributes heat and electricity around the body. Positively-charged silver ions generate a conductive field that pushes electromagnetic radiation away from the body. Doing this stimulates the body’s current conductivity, improving body temperature regulation, blood flow and overall healing. These positively ions also bind to negative oxygen receptors in germs like bacteria, weakening and causing them to die.

Now that you understand how silver works, how can you reap its benefits?

Although we often think wearing silver as jewelry, it can actually be worn in clothing and other garments! When worn directly on the skin, the silver properties of the garment can interact with your body’s natural conductivity and provide the many benefits listed above as well as serve as a shield against the germs we come into contact with everyday. Wearing silver regularly can also boost your immune system.

So where does compression come in?

At VENOSAN®, we offer specialized Medical Compression Stockings (MCS) infused with silver, to stimulate healing and infection prevention. Our Silverline for Men and Silverline for Women do just that. Designed with Ionic+® yarn, these stockings help eliminate odor caused by bacteria and fungus as well as offer antimicrobial benefits that withstand wash and wear.